How to Calculate Electricity Costs (+ FREE Template)

How many people can say that math is one of their favourite subjects? My guess is not a lot. When it comes to calculating the costs of growing, you want to know what you're in for.

Our last blog described the general costs of starting your first grow (see more here), and today we dive a little deeper into one of the less straightforward formulas - calculating electricity costs.

By dive in, we mean that we're just giving you a free template for how we do it. 

To use the template, just input the information as indicated and the template will work it's magic and tell you what your total electricity costs are.

Download here

May your harvests be bountiful without breaking the bank.

- Kris and Nik

** This is not an automatic download. This link will take you to a file uploaded to Google Drive. You do not need a google account to access it. This link gives you access to view it and download it. Please use in Excel to ensure all formats and formulas work as required. If you have any questions, email us ( and we'll be happy to help.

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