How To Tell Your Parents You Work in Cannabis

If your parents are anything like mine, they’re curious about your life and what you’re doing with it. While it has transitioned from “who are you hanging out with?” to “what is your job and how much money are you making?”, there’s a part of me that’s delaying telling them something they may not approve of or understand.

So how do you tell your parents you work in the cannabis industry? People always say honesty is the best policy, so if that’s what your heart is pulling you towards, use this five-step plan to set the truth free.

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1. Timing, timing, timing

Timing is everything. You want to seize the moment where you can gently slip this piece of information into the conversation. Make it so stealthy, they won’t know what hit them.

Example: You’re eating dinner together. Your dad comments on his stock portfolio’s growth this year. You respond, “You know what else is growing dad? The cannabis plants in my legally licensed growing facility.”

The discussion begins.

2. Embrace the awkward

You know it’s going to be awkward and they know it’s going to be awkward. Acceptance is key. Your advantage is that you knew this conversation was coming so you had extra time to prepare, calm your nerves down and take a few deep breaths.

3. Straight facts

Your disadvantage is that your parents are armed with years of anti-drug claims. But, you’ve prepared your rebuttals with actual facts. Do your research and get some facts. No, cannabis isn’t a gateway drug and no, it’s not more dangerous than alcohol.

4. Put yourself in their shoes

Your parents’ world may have just exploded. They didn’t know their precious angel was working in an industry not everyone understands. Think about their assumptions being challenged and be considerate that they may want to know more information. Take some time to listen to them and assure them you’re still the same amazing child, following your passions and taking advantages of opportunities in a growing industry.

5. Grow into it

Sharing this information will not be a one-time thing. You’ve planted the seed. Give it some time to take root and be ready for future conversations. Until then, you can be confident that you are happy and doing what you love.

There is a community that supports you!

*** Full disclosure, I have not told my parents I work in the cannabis industry.


  • Rebecca

    Thank you for writing this article!
    I myself have always wanted to, and plan on getting into the industry, with a courtier opportunity coming up. Cannabis is a medicine, and that’s the truth, whether or not anyone else agrees!
    Augustine of Hippo said — ‘The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.’
    I’ve always LOVED cannabis and it has brought a ton of HAPPINESS (like you mentioned). So why not?!
    Life is hard for everyone, It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have/don’t have.. its about our QUALITY OF LIFE while on this journey, whatever the destination!
    -Rivka Sage

  • Kninaiste

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