The Power of Medical Cannabis: Part 1

In the spirit of the holidays and the new year, we’ve been thinking about second chances, miracles and new beginnings. We’re launching a three part blog series on the power of medical cannabis.

In part one, we’re diving into the story of a brave girl and her family that pioneered a movement in Colorado in 2013.

A young Charlotte Figi was suffering from 300 grand mal seizures monthly due to Dravet Syndrome. When medications prescribed by physicians were no longer helping and causing other negative side effects, Charlotte’s parents searched for a cure. Her father found information online about a California boy whose Dravet was being treated successfully by a cannabis strain that contained a high concentration of cannabidiol and a low concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This specific combination, which contained very little THC, had essentially no psychoactive component, meaning there was no ‘high’ effect. Charlotte’s parents found a similar strain combination in Colorado and upon administration to Charlotte through oil, noticed a dramatic reduction in the frequency of seizures to less than 5 seizures per month.

The pioneers behind this strain are Colorado-based growers, the Stanley Brothers. Initially called Hippie’s Disappointment, the brothers renamed the strain, Charlotte’s Web for Charlotte Figi. Charlotte’s story made headlines, was the focus of a documentary, resulted in changes to the law in 17 states and the development of two non-profit foundations advocating for access and decriminalization. Charlotte is now nine years old, has completed second grade and is thriving. Charlotte’s Web has given hope to families and persons that didn’t have anywhere else to turn to. There lies the power of medical cannabis.

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