Three Last Minute Gift Ideas for Cannabis Growers

The holidays are here, everything smells like vanilla candles and cinnamon and the stress of gift shopping is real. Christmas is less than 7 days away. If you haven't done your holiday shopping yet, don't worry because you're not alone. We're in the same sinking boat with you.

Nevertheless, we have found a solution and put our trust into Amazon (*make sure to confirm Amazon shipping times to your location). Check out these three awesome gifts for the cannabis growers in your life.

1. Heavy Harvest Trim Tray

 heavy harvest trim tray gift

Everyone loves harvest time, but who truly loves trimming? If you're growing a lot, you can spend days in trim jail. A trim bin helps keep the buds contained, makes the clean up a whole lot easier and helps collect the kief & precious trichomes. 

We recommend the Heavy Harvest Trim Tray. It has low sides which place less strain on the wrists and is a great size for trimming in a few rounds. It also has multiple available pollen screens for those who want a finer sift; the standard is 150 microns. 

All for a sweet price of $59.95 ( usual).

2. Magnifying Lens/Loupe

magnifying lens for cannabis growers

The best uses of a magnifying lens are:

a) it's really cool to see trichomes

b) plant inspection in case of pest/insects that harm your plants and mold

c) gauge the best time to harvest

This loupe is an easy to use handheld with two different lens options; you'll need the 60X magnification. It also comes with an LED light.

At $10.98, you can't go wrong. 

3. Boveda Humidity Packs

boveda humidity packs for growers

Boveda Humidipacks are absolutely critical to a successful curing process. They are designed specifically to maintain the correct humidity at 62% when cannabis is drying. This helps create a perfect environment in mason jars when the buds are being stored so they don't get moldy or dry out. Your grower friend will not only thank you, they will likely have you test the perfectly cured cannabis too...and who wouldn't want that! (Well if you don't want it, tell you friend that we do ;) ) 

 The price is right at $14.25. 


With these three gifts in mind, you're destined to get that special grower in your life a gift that is pretty much a 100% need in the garden. You can't go wrong with one, or all of these trusty options. 

Happy gift giving and let's plan better in 2019! 

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