Why You Can Bank On Cannabis

Whether you’ve always wanted to be your own boss, or are interested in passively earning income, the budding cannabis industry has something to offer you.

Go back 80 years. If you are given an opportunity to invest in IBM and HP, do you take it? Then go back yet another 80 years. Would you not invest in Anheuser-Busch if only you could? Any time a new industry is born, great opportunities arise. With the legalization of cannabis on the horizon in various countries across the world, we are now close to experiencing one of the biggest shifts of our generation. The demand for cannabis and various cannabis-related products is so readily apparent that we had to share a few ways you can make it green in this industry.

  1. Those who like to make their money work for them will be happy to know that since the beginning of 2015 Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis and Aphria (three of the largest cannabis producers in the world) have each increased in value by 1,700% or more. In fact, if you invested $3,000 into each of these companies three years ago, your investment would now be worth just over $200,000! We wish that our plants grew as quickly as the stock prices of Canadian Licensed Producers.
  2. If you’re interested in playing it a little safer, investing in companies that produce cannabis-related products such as soil, nutrients and lighting, is also another great option. Case in point - Scott’s Miracle-Gro, one of the largest marketer of lawn and garden supplies. At the beginning of 2016, CEO Jim Hagedorn decided to diversify this company and shift his sales focus to customers in the cannabis sector. At this time company’s stock was trading at $63.93. Two years later and the stock price has risen to $108.82, an increase of 70%! And while the whole increase can’t be accredited to just one factor, a large part of company’s growth is directly attributable to this new revenue stream.

Just keep in mind, this industry is positioned for a lot of growth. Currently, the largest cannabis company, Canopy Growth, has a total market value of $7B. Meanwhile, alcohol companies like Heiniken and InBev have values of over $50B, while tobacco companies like Philip Morris and Altria are valued at over $100B. And while we support, fimming for our plants - we don’t want you to ever say ‘F*ck it, I missed out’ on this opportunity.

Those of you who don’t like watching from the sidelines shouldn’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities and ways to get involved in this sector. Toronto company, Tokyo Smoke, founded in 2015, is an experiential and immersive coffee shop. Each store carries carefully selected smoke products to help visitors develop their perfect session. With seven open shops, four launching soon, and a recent partnership with DOJA Cannabis and Aphria Inc, this unique business is making big moves. So come up with a good enough idea, work hard at it, and you may have the privilege to shape the industry and make it your own.


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