Why You Should Keep A Grow Journal

Whether you’re a novice grower or one with many harvests under their belt, you’ve probably wondered, “can I make this any better?”
The answer is - yes, you can - according to studies published by the American Psychological Association(1) and the Association for Psychological Science(2).
Tracking your grow cycle by writing information down in a journal has a greater benefit on memory and comprehension than electronic note-taking. Writing down details critical to your grow also allows you to identify and analyze trends that you may not be catching onto otherwise. And with plants that require extra love and care - every pH level counts. Wouldn’t you want to know the exact nutrient mix that resulted in the highest yield? Having this information at-hand will help you to better understand the needs of your plants and replicate your best grows.
So why use a physical journal? Journals are easy to use in any grow room environment and there’s no need to worry about your hands being messy or the screen glare from the bright HID lights. Better yet, the information you record remains private. We’re also firm believers that writing keeps us close to our craft.
This is why at Green Notes Co, we focus on enhancing the written experience to help improve your craft and produce the greenest grows.
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